Blue NM conductor

I just bought a house sight unseen since I was out of state and could not inspect myself at the time and am not licensed in the state of Florida to be a legal inspection it appears the home inspector missed several ungrounded outlets in the home. I am doing some remodeling of the house and discovered many of the rooms are ungrounded and started looking at the wiring and noticed blue Romex style NM conductor. Unfortunately the outlets affected are in the outside walls of a block built house. Its not going to be easy to fix. Just wondering if anyone has seen this blue conductor before and if so, is it always ungrounded? I noticed he didn’t call it out in the report and clearly to me he didn’t test a representative number of outlets since many of the rooms don’t have a single outlet that is grounded. The house was vacant at the time of inspection.

a picture might help…

I found this. Might be helpful.

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I think Larry might be referring to the color of the jacket, not the individual wire insulation.
Is this the color you’re talking about, Larry? (I have a few feet of this still energizing a couple troffers in my barn - can’t remember if it had a ground or not.)

First off… was the power ‘ON’ for the inspection?

Secondly… what is the age of the home? Two-wire systems were all the norm not that long ago, and are still acceptable in many areas.

Me’thinks that if you didn’t know this, and with your above post, you may not be qualified to make the necessary and safe repairs/upgrades that you want.

Hire a licensed electrician!

Sounds like UF cable which typically has bluish gray jacket.

I forgot to include that. Here is what I have.

Power was on. And I am aware that at the time of construction this was probably an acceptable practice. And I’m not sure how you can deduce from my post my abilities. But you are entitled to your uneducated opinion. The question was if the blue conductor is always ungrounded or not.

12/2 without ground older system only had the 2 wires. and that would explain the open ground on Your tester.


Now I’m gonna have to ‘double down’ on my “uneducated” opinion given your inability to comprehend what I actually said!

Good luck with your project.


So what do you intend to do to fix the issue?

if the outlets present are of the grounded type they are not proper for this type of wiring and should be changed back to the two prong type outlet or GFCI type with a no equipment ground label attached.


I wanted to see what the OP knowledge was.

I had typed my reply before I read Yours…

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Sorry I missed the IF. But still no answer on the actual question is blue NM usually ungrounded? So hard to get a straight answer on here sometimes.

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After my research that what I came up with as well, thanks! Do you know if the Blue NM Romex style conductor is always groundless or is sometimes with ground? That’s what I was trying to find out. This way If I see it in the future I’ll know what to look for and how to call it out.

Looks new enough that there should have been a ground.

@lthompson7 Would that open junction box have the answer inside?

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It says 12/2 WO/G on the sheathing…


Thanks Larry, I just looked at the plastic sheath, but not a closeup.

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