ungrounded conductor

I ran 12/2 wire from a double 20 amp breaker for an electric heater. The white wire will be an ungrounded conductor as well as the black. I ran it thru plastic pipe into the house. I came across a site that said that ungrounded conductors cannot be run thru any pipe regardless of whether they are marked as ungrounded conductors. If that is true, what are my options? Should I run 12/3 wire instead which will have a white (grounded conductor).

Firstly, This is NOT the place to ask that type of question…This is a home inspector forum and not a DIY forum or an electricians forum.

With that said I will say this…I will assume since you said 12/2 that you are referring to a cable assembly…hope it is not Type NM-B Cable because from the sound of it you ran it outside…but I will assume you mean Type UF-B Cable and move from there…you can re-identify the white conductor in a cable assembly per NEC Section 200.7©(1).

Now the reference you are speaking of with regards to the error in re-identifying a white conductor as an ungrounded conductor in a raceway is per 200.7(A)…if (B) or © do not apply then follow rule (A)…which means if it is not a cable assembly as described in 200.7©…then the white or gray covering is for grounded conductors only.

And it goes without saying again…you can’t use Type NM-B outside, it is a dry location only wiring method.