Blue polybutylene?

1979 house. Only this much piping visible. Could it be anything else? No 2110 visible, just Imperial PT and CTS for Copper Tube Size.
Regardless, plumber went out to check it out and said it wasn’t.

Looks like pex to me

How so?

** polybutylene is normaly grey, That looks blue to me . but i could be wrong

All the poybutylene main’s I’ve seen have been blue. Commonly referred to as “Big Blue”. However, in this case, the whole Imperial PT name on the piping is throwing me for a loop. I’m wondering now if the PT might stand for Pex Tubing. All my googling has turned up nothing.

That looks like the polybutylene service pipe from the street and many of those were blue. That is not PEX, its PB.

Looks like Polyethylene tubing to me from here. :wink:

Nonetheless the local plumber has rendered his opinion so you are good. :smiley:

Yep, it could be PE here is a poor picture of some blue pipe

I stand corrected i was thinking **polybutylene not **Polyethylene
I thought he was asking was it PB I forgot about PE but that is usually black down here

That is exactly what he was asking Wayne,:wink: still confused. :mrgreen:

Most polybutylene water supply lines in our area are blue. However, the coupling is unusual, I always see a gray plastic coupling.