Is this polybutylene pipe?

I’m in Florida home is built 1998, I’ve never seen red polybutylene pipe. And of course, it has no markings. Thanks guys! Any help will do :slight_smile:

Looks like pex, look in the attic for markings.

Thanks for the quick response… the first thing I did was looked at Internachi’s Polybutylene for Inspectors They say “most commonly grey in color, but they can also be white, silver, black or blue” I didn’t see red but it is the same diameter so it kinda confused me.

Thanks for the quick response. This is what I’m feeling as well I looked everywhere for markings, and none were found

PEX is often colored red and blue, red for hot water, blue for cold, or it can be white.

Thanks Erik, that’s what I’ve seen as well

Typically houses built post 1994 do not have PB.