Board & Batten Siding

Board & batten siding is not popular in my area. In fact, in the five years since I started inspecting, I’m doing my first one this coming week.
My question. Are the battens supposed to be caulked along their length where they meet the boards?

I believe it would depend on the siding John, but most b+b i see here is rough sawn cedar and is not caulked…

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Some do…

I didn’t like the look of caulk visible not to mention the maintenance issue.

I would run my battons through the table saw on a slight angle to “cup” the back side that would mate over the board joints so they would be tight and not rock or leave cracks to speak of.

Vertical siding in general is a bad idea. The whole point about horizontal lap siding is to shed water. The many board and batten sidings I have seen tend to let water in after 5 or 6 years; especially on the south facing walls.

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