To caulk or not to caulk

If this were my house, I would be tempted to caulk the tops of this trim. The material appears to be laminated strand lumber the siding is hardi board or similar. There is flashing underneath the trim. Home built in 06 by, IMHO, a contractor who does nice careful work judging by the rest of the house, so that is why I am asking. Pic one shows the trim on a low roof, there is a 12 inch or so eave about 6 feet above. Pic two and three are a chimney chase on the high roof.

So I/we can better understand your concern, please explain WHY exactly you feel the need to have it caulked?

Because water can get between the trim and siding. There is flashing there, so it is likely water won’t get behind the siding, but perhaps caulking would better protect the back of the fake wood trim? Whatever, I don’t think it is a big deal either way, but I would be interested to know what others think.

Are you sure the trim is not cement fiber trim. If it is a wood product, it should be caulked with a good flexible polyurethane, and should not be in contact with the shingles. If it is Hardie-trim, caulking not needed.

No I am not sure what the stuff is. It felt like wood product. I am not even sure the siding was hardie either, but that is what it looked like. I have not seen a lot of it, most of the houses I inspect either have three layer stucco or tupperware (vinyl). If the owner had not said it was hardie board I would have said it was manufactured wood product as well, like the old hardboard siding they used back in the 60’s.

6 in one hand half a dozen in the other. It is in contact with the roof, wicking extra moisture. It might be better to let it breathe.

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Erik, the horizontal trim and siding joint (pic 1) should have a “Z” flashing on top of the trim with 1/4" gap between it and the siding, no caulk. As for the other picture most installation instructions I’ve seen for composite materials like Miratec or others recommend at least 1" space from the roof surface.

Improper clearance to roof covering - recommend 1-2" clearance to avoid premature deterioration of trim boards.

Caulking optional but not critical.

Looks like Hardie from here but confirm by tapping on the boards. This could be very important to the buyer! Don’t leave the site until you’re sure of the materials

Amen on clearance but do not understand need to caulk top of the trim.
Hope to see more info here.

I inspect new hardie homes all the time, and never see the trim/siding gaps caulked. Not once.

I concur.
You need an An awl or pointed probe in your tools pouch.
Siding is a very under archive trade IMO. Dormers and roof walled abutments getting the lions share of the deficiencies.
Look for step flashing. you need 2 flat pry bars.
Note the materials.
Look for the required 2" space above the roof plane between ant siding materials expansion and insure a metal flashing is underneath.

Best regards.