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Would being a member of the Local Board of Realtors be any kind of conflict of interest? In a small community like ours, (total population of the island is less than 70,000) word of mouth is the most effective advertising. I see getting into the realtor community as a very effective way to get the word out about my business.

It takes a while to build a good reputation, but only a a short time to destroy it.

I was on my local Board of REALTORs as a home inspector. I then pitched the board on allowing me to sit up on the panel as the “home inspection” representative. I asked if I could be the official representative and sit on the panel along with the rest of the directors at all the meetings. I explained that I was not asking for a vote on the board. The attorney for the board said it was fine, since I wasn’t asking for a vote… I was merely sitting in a different seat. I actually voted on every motion (it just didn’t count). And anytime an agent had any inspection questions or issues, they called me. That one move got me all the top agents. I’m sure it got our inspection company more than a million dollars in additional business.

I like it! Good thinking Nick!

I am relatively new to the business…the first thing I did was join our local board and get a supra key. After a few months of earning trust I get 3-5 inspections a week just from the few agents there, and its one of the smaller boards in our state. I think it was worth the fee’s for sure. Good luck!
Also, the agents at the board ate up the “Buy Back Guarantee”. I know some people on here don’t like it but the best thing it did for me was get the agents to take time to talk to me.

Hi Michael,

Joining the board has been great for me, I noticed they didn’t have a class on home inspections so I developed a powerpoint and teach that about 3-4 times a year. Last class was packed with about 60 agents and I even got some applause that end.

And of course I get to put on my website, “Instructor at the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors”.

Can’t buy that kind of exposure!

BTW- you might want to fill in your profile so we can see where you’re located.

Would you be willing to share information about your PowerPoint presentation?

You would be an affiliate member. I am a member of a few.

Thank you Thomas. I’d also be interested in seeing that powerpoint presentation, if you are willing to share it.
I’m also having trouble editing my profile, how do I add a profile pic?

Great thinking.

Applied to the local Kauai Board of Realtors today!

Good luck Michael.

Stay safe.

Check your PM…

Check your PM

Pm checked. Thanks

Would it be possible to use your power point presentation here in the Land of Enchantment? [Some people think Land of Entrapment, but you managed to get out OK :slight_smile: ] I am scheduled for a local RE office meeting in two months.

PM me John!