Inspector Board...

Ok here are some choices of the idea that is going around.

It has been mentioned that we need a board to represent our profession in Tallahassee and we have given Wayne Bertch the fact finding mission to see what happens. Here are some of the ideas and the way I see them.

  1. Board of ONLY Home Inspectors. No other people, professions allowed. This would make it a home inspection only personel. To me personally the downside is that we look to “into ourselves” and cocky. If we bring others in we can make allies in the legislative branch and hopefully get some clout or at least some friends.

  2. Board with other professions but there will always be a MAJORITY of home inspectors. But the thoughts were to bring other ideas and input in. Like 5 inspectors and one Realtor, One consumer, One Lawyer. Once again it is to bring in other ideas and to allow friendship to take root and then maybe who knows our professions can get on other boards…

  3. Simple and easy

Remember with a board how one is decided to represent us has not been determined. Board members can become self serving and try to make rules that hinders their competition. But also remember right now one guy who has no idea decides what happens to our profession. Also there will be others looking to make “our” board, like I am sure the Realtors would love to set up and run the “Home Inspectors” board.

I see the good and bad in it. This thread is NOT to determine who will be your representative but just trying to get the vibe of the members to see if a board is wanted at all and to also get some of that awesome input and insight I always get. What say you?

As always getting the information to you so I can properly represent you.

Thanks in advance.

Board members should be licensed Home Inspectors. If they hold additional licenses that should not effect their ability to serve.

Honestly, an HI license is so easy to get. Not requiring an HI license would be absurd in my opinion.

In addition, I would recommend at least 3 years of documented inspection experience.

I should clarify #1 what I meant by only home inspector is that you can have other licenses, but you have to be a licensed home inspector and working as a home inspector. Sorry for any confusion. You can have other licenses.

A HI board made up of one member appointed by each org (Nachi/Fabi/Nahi/Ashi, worded as leading orgs in case one fails :p). Three HI appointees from DBPR (they could defer to FABI). One Realtor(FAR appointed), one contractor(Div 1, CILB appointed), one insurance underwriter/agent(OIR or other org appointed). Someone from BOAF. Having a board with alternate input would help keep everyone in the loop and foster better solutions.

just my thoughts

I echo John’s previous post.

Very worthy discussion- and needed. I will present an opposing viewpoint for discussion:

Ever hear the saying - “be careful what you wish for”? For the sake of discussion, I believe that going the board route is a mistake. Do we- professional home inspectors -really want to open the door to other special interests (Realtors, insurance industry, contractor, etc.) for them to have a seat on our board and exert pressure and influence over our profession? Do we really want one those interests making decisions for our profession? To go a step further, professional home inspectors on our board are likely to be in the home inspection profession. Human nature may allow those inspectors on the board to abuse the position by handing out unfair or punitive fines or by excluding or making it harder for competition. Personal agendas, vendettas, etc… could also come into play. Take a look at the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board. That board has some individuals with very large egos and personal agendas. I have personally watched them victimize more than one applicant. I would much rather take my chances with DBPR deciding my fate- rather than a realtor, insurance industry rep, or contractor that tends to look down his nose at the lowly home inspector, or for that matter, a professional home inspector that may have a personal agenda. As for dual licensed or multi- licensed individuals serving on our board- which master will they serve? If going the board route, will home inspectors on the board have a super majority? Or could the home inspectors be outvoted by the special interests voting as a block? (realtors, insurance industry, contractor, etc.? What if one of the home inspectors on the board is also a contractor? which master would he serve? Would he vote with the other special interests or would he vote with the professional home inspectors? These are things should be discussed out in the open BEFORE going the board route.

Let the attacks and/or discussions begin.

I’m with Steve Taylor on this one.

InterNACHI has a much easier time getting exactly what it wants from legislators and regulatory agencies (Florida is proof of that where the government essentially handed InterNACHI the keys to the state) than getting what it wants from a Board where the little mini associations you mention have the same vote as us.

Nick - I totally disagree. NACHI gets what best serves NACHI, not necessarily what is best for the professional Home Inspector. You do what you THINK we want. I never heard you ask for input, you only give it. Sorry, you a good man, but actually working as a professional home inspector and running a home inspection oprganization are two totally different things.

I personally would like people who work in the profession decide what happens in the profession. I know you do alot, but you only help when you want to and what best serves you and your organization.

I love ya and you do alot for people. But once again, being a professional home inspector and running an organization does not mean we have the same goals and visions, and some times are total opposites.

Just like this post. Your arguement is petty and you have an axe to grind. I do not care if your NACHI, WACHI, BACHI, HOOPTY or DOOPTY. I just want to have a professional designation I can be proud of. Your post is my proof why NACHI leading our legislative voice is bad for the Florida Professional Home Inspector

Yep … and considering how common dual memberships are, who is really represented by this board:

Member 1 belongs to NACHI and ASHI.
Member 2 belongs to FABI and ASHI.
Member 3 belongs to NAHI and ASHI.
Member 4 belongs to ASHI.

Besides, no one person represents all of the interests of all of the members of any of the associations he might belong to. Using national association membership as a criteria to determine a board member is like using the color of his hat.

There is no shortage of people in business aspiring to rule over his competitors and boards are very attractive to such folks … but, as you say, one must be careful what he wishes for in determining who he will allow to direct the course of his business.

Why would someone atack your opinion? Good points that make for great discussion. Thanks for your input.

Those little “mini assocaitions” give the exact same amount of money we do…

Give to whom and for what?

Our exam was used to grandfather all our members for home inspector licenses, our mold courses were used to grandfather our members for mold assessor licenses, the FL DBPR approved our online courses for continuing education, the FL CILB approved our online wind mitigation course, our pre-licensing program got approved, contractors can’t offer repair services on homes they inspect, our Director of Education got approved as a home inspector instructor in FL, inspectors are exempt from the provisions of mold assessors licensing. FL even gave me a home inspector and mold assesors license and I live in Colorado and Idaho LOL.

What more do you want?!

The licensing battle is over in FL (we all have the same state-issued credential)… it’s a marketing war for individual inspectors now.

Thanks for proving my point. You want 100,000 inspectors in Florida…there are actually some of us who don’t. You want QUANTITY…there are some of us who care more about QUALITY…your post is my proof that there are different visions and directions. Thanks for making it clear as to where you want to go…

Russell, that’s absurd. A plumber with a bad back doesn’t say to himself “I’m done with plumbing, I’m going to switch careers and become a home inspector because InterNACHI provides free logo design services.”

Providing InterNACHI members with help, benefits, success tools, marketing programs and education DOESN’T increase the number of inspectors… it only increases the number of inspectors who become InterNACHI members.

I am happy that NACHI has gotten what it wanted from the State of Florida. However, that is not the issue here. I have serious concerns about the formation of a “board” for home inspectors for the reasons stated in my previous post. Again, We- as professional home inspectors- should be very careful in what we ask for. Everyone here knows that the home inspector profession has been infiltrated by contractors when the market turned. As I have said before many times, I have no problem with contractors entering the profession and learning to become professional home inspectors- provided they abide by our professional standards of practice and long standing ethics provisions. I do have a problem with a contractor inspector (a.k.a- conspector) masquerading as a professional home inspector and seeking a seat on whatever board may be formed. Clearly, the possibility would exist to represent the contractor interest while serving on the home inspector board. Surely, this scenario would not be in the best interest of the public that the home inspector licensing law was allegedly designed to protect.

So all the people who “joined” Florida Nachi did so because of the educational benefits? Or was it that almost any idiot (not calling people idiots) could pass the test to become grandfathered in?

You want easy…it makes more people join. Your and mine banter in this is just the exact proof that I talk about, and we will never agree on this point. You want MANY MANY…I want quality quality…Just one of the points we will never see eye to eye…

I totally see your point, I just don’t agree with it.

I am not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone yet… but a good example of what Steve is saying is what if a guy by the name of R.J. Koning applies for a position on the board. The other question here is who is the appointing person(s) ?

Nick writes:

Russell responds:

Correct. It makes inspectors join… it doesn’t make more inspectors, it makes more InterNACHI members. The biggest “of course” of the century.

No one changes their career, goes through all the state licensing requirements, buys the insurance, does the background check and the fingerprinting and pays the state application fee in Florida because InterNACHI made one grandfathering exam (which ended last year BTW) a little less expensive. That’s absurd.