inspector only ???? where??

Is there any place on these boards where inspectors can talk to inspectors about inspection issues and business without having public adjusters and used car salesman constantly interjecting in our conversations.?
Just wondering as when I joined ( with no regrets I might add) I hadn’t idea that the underemployed, pissed off at the world inspectors and public adjusters as well as used car salesmen would interject like vipers and ruin most intelligent conversations that get started here… Am I missing something or are these members who I will always have to weed my way through to find the professionalism and wisdom I came here seeking … Wow, I feel much better now…

George, the sad thing is that they do have a lot of knowledge to offer when they’re not all bent out of shape over how others run their businesses.

I here you George. The message board is at it’s all time low since I joined in 2007. Unfortunately the issues that started at the first of the year regarding a certain vendor don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

I’m strongly considering not renewing my membership if things here aren’t changed, for the better, in the near future.

Very sad to see the above post’s .
But the NACHI Forum seems to be destroying itself .

Chris I know we don’t have the same views on the vendor, but that aside, InterNACHI is much more than this MB, and there really is a lot here to benefit from.

Agree Troy, I find much value in my membership here and it would be sad to say but the org can define itself by this board for newer folks as here is where they come right after joining to get advice.
Don’t REALY understand why grown men… NEVERMIND, answered my own question…

Innovative and always adding value through education, events, added service items and ideas, this is by far the best organization on the planet for inspectors.

Wisdom from a fool is like taking financial advice from a broke person. They may have knowledge but only a fool would wade through their ignorance to find it. Sorry but no excuses needed for what it is, it is.

Aside from this board the only thing left is the ed courses, at leasts in my opinion. I’ve taken most of those.

As for as inspecting a home, during the first five years as a member I learned way more from other members directly from this message board than I have from any and all courses I’ve taken, from Nachi or elsewhere. The last year or two not so much.

George, you can go to Dominic’s board for inspection conversation if you like. The tension level is a lot lower.


Go back into the archives from 2003. It was much worse. You may recognize a name or two aka, the usual suspects.

To answer the question, private messages work.

I understand totally George.
Anytime a answer is needed by me in a hurry it is crickets followed by jokes and insults.

Chris, I know exactly how you feel.

I just renewed but seriously considered not doing so.

This low point has been brought to us by two players.

The lying vendor P. Nathan Thornberry and Nick Gromicko who refused to sanction Thornberry as was recommend by the ethics committee.

As much as I like Nick this was not one of his best moves IMHO.

Ever since the lies have continued and appear unstoppable.

The best that can be done is to continue to pint out the facts.

I hope you stick around but I understand if you don’t.

George, perhaps you could surround yourself with a handful of inspectors that you admire and respect and PM them when looking for advice or help. Thus avoiding the MB all togeather.

Private message, text and email is the best way to get the information you need. There is plenty of great information available on the MB if you search through the weeds though.

Personally the MB is a source of amusement :wink:

It has a Jerry Springer feel at times, but you’re right there is still plenty to gain from it.

On a forum with hundreds of active posters there only be a couple thousand opinions. :wink:

George if you need to talk, advice, just throw ideas around, you have my number, use it buddy.

I would take him up on that offer!

Thanks guys, I do have several numbers and appreciate the guidance received those ways already. My business has exceeded my projections 3 fold and with more inspections comes more questions.

Good for you well deserved . All the best… Roy

NACHI has lots more available to us other than this MB.
This MB is like looking at TV . If you don’t like what you see than change the channel .
I don’t know everything about the inspection industry that’s why I’m here.
However, I’m reluctant to ask a question anymore, as it will turn into a flaming contest.
Yes ! I know it is partly my fault. I just didn’t think it would go that far with mature men.
I was wrong.