Bob Elliot InterNACHI Member of the YEAR

Congrats Bob. I like your sarcasm.

Congrats Bob!

Feels good.

Woke up to an inspection and mentioned the honor to Agent and Client which in turn made me super detailed uuuggghhh !

Need to shut up. :slight_smile:

Was crawling in vermiculite and smelly unconditioned crawl today in the rain .

Congrats, Bob, and thanks for your continued help and support!!

Good for you Bob!

Now that you have that title, hopefully you have more positive posts, than negative.

Good job Bob,

I have only been on this forum for about 1 week and Bob was one of the first to respond to one of my threads.

We need to always keep in mind how important this forum is for Home Inspectors.

Im new to home inspections, but not new to forums. Nothing like a great bunch of people sharing ideas. This forum will always help keep this home inspectors going.

Congrats Bob!

Congratulations Bob!

Well done Bob :smiley:

Congratulations Bob.

Congrats Bob!

Congrats!! Bob

Thank You.

BOB ELLIOT is still member of the year!

Ha ha now please spell my name correctly for good SEO results… Bob Elliott.

Big Congrats, Sir!!!

I apologize sir, Mr. Bob Elliott. :slight_smile:

ewwwww! …Mister he calls me .:smiley:

Bob, for sure your head will start swelling up with these posts. ;):slight_smile:

I think we all should make this thread into:

"last one who congratulates Bob Elliott wins"!

OK ~ see you tomorrow & expect to see this thread remain on the top for 2016. :mrgreen:

Can the public see this ? dirty laugh ]