Feel blessed by InterNachi

Never would have a Business without all the help from Nick and all the great Internachi staff members throughout the years.

The biggest help of all is from members here whom yes some I have helped but they have helped me way more.
The arguments to me are just a fun way of learning through defending our positions and are the best kind of training there is .

Looking the other day was shocked to see I am past 10 years as a member.

Want to start naming names but everyone here contributes which is usually about 50-60 on a daily basis.Lots of lurkers and giant traffic meaning 1,000’s more are absorbing the posts.

ANYWAY…Last nights Chapter meeting started as always with a chant with open arms and traditional dance to the heavens for new clients and a healthy RE market till Jeff Merritt our Chapter president decided to present me with not just one but two amazing trophy’s for 2015 member of the year.
Nachi Chicago decided to present me with a local award as well.

Had a client email about loving my new video report style and a couple new clients calling during the presentation so yes…feel blessed .

Thank You to all and have a blessed 2016 .



kissy kissy Kissy

Congratulations, Bob!

Good job!! Bob

Congratulations Bob, looks great. Nice job and accomplishment. :)/COLOR]

Congrats Bob.

Much appreciated.

Like I said when presented.
Just shows what achieving 30,000 posts will get you…lol

Awesome Job, Congratulations Bob!!

Congrats Bob!

Way to go!

Congrats Bob.

Well deserved!!

TY Kev.

Bob, it was an honor to present you with the award’s, as I said last night. I remember when you 1-st started, you have come a long way, and are an all around good person and inspector.

Congrats Robert

You da man Bob

Very nice words.Appreciate that Jeff. :slight_smile:

Just one question…did you call me Flash ? I swear you did in the video…ha ha.

I hope so or I gotta change positions…:mrgreen:

Nice of you to say Shawn.

Makes my day seeing that from the Grand Pubah.:wink:

Nice words from the mean guy…damn. :cool: