Congratulations to our 2015 InterNACHI Member of the Year.

Bob Elliot.

Congratulations Bob!

BTW Bob, you get all your InterNACHI membership dues paid for life.

Congratulations Bob.
We all apreciate your message board posts.

Congratulations Bob!!


Had no idea I was even nominated.

Most certainly, there are many members whom are more deserving that we do not even know about that are far more technically proficient , run successful businesses , helpful to clients and other inspectors but do not post on the forum so therefore we do not know about them .

Thank you for realizing that my negative posts are often just sarcasm or poking a stick to make people defend their positions.

Will use 2016 to try and help other inspectors more than I have in the past to try and live up to this .

A few of my random thoughts###

…The buyback program seems to be working well for many inspectors that I have spoken with.
…CMI though more of a marketing logo than exact proof of proficiency in the profession does at least set some sort of standard for the public to consider
…Think everyone should consider thermal imaging training including myself as most everything is about water when it comes to major issues in my opinion .
…Have noticed more and more clients asking about Radon testing and suggest checking demand in your area to perhaps consider it as an auxiliary service .
…As more and more articles are written about it. People are becoming increasingly concerned about health issues related to mold and even though there are no exact standards for acceptable levels many homes that have been boarded up, such as foreclosures or that have water intrusion issues will most likely have mold and testing will be needed so it is certainly a service you can provide in order to provide additional revenue .

Water water water… My advice to newbies is to check the best you can for any signs or causes of water intrusion, including poor flashing, bad roofing,foundation issues,Drainage,etc.
Focus on major issues .Yes the loose wall plate may be a call back but will not cost you thousands of dollars .

I am known by my clients for constantly mentioning T&M…{ time and money } whose time and whose money ?

Without this association and constant help from of other members of this forum. I never could have made it in this business .
My encouragement and hope is that all members become involved and help others but keep a thick skin as it is good training for the real world .

To sum up everything here with this profession. The sky is the limit and we are only limited by our own ambition .

From Bob Elliot NACHI Member of the YEAR - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

Feel like I just won $5,000,000
Merry Christmas.

So just this year then ?

Seriously Thank You so much as I am a little down this Christmas and now feel a burst of energy that is exactly what the Doctor ordered.

CONGRATS & Merry Christmas Bob!

Excellent choice. Congratulations Bob!

I appreciate your wit.

Congratulations, Bob!


Bob spells his name with 2- "t"s…

Bob Elliott:smiley:

Congrats Bob. :slight_smile:

Bob, you and I are friends so I want to buy you something for being InterNACHI’s 2015 Member of the Year. You pick:

Either your Certified Master Inspector professional designation paid in full…


A full-blown version of Home Gauge.

No joke, I’ll pay for either, you can pick one or pass on both. Congrats again and Merry Christmas.

That should be an easy decision Bob. :wink:

Bob, I just spoke with Russell. He thinks you should “upgrade” to HomeGauge. :wink:

Holy Cow… You are way too cool.
Best Christmas in years after waking up depressed.

CMI of course.

I hope Russ knows I am just poking his cage most of the time.

Alright, I can’t do it till Monday, but the money will be credited in your name so that when you apply for your CMI, there will be no fee.

And CMI doesn’t charge annual dues.

And you won lifetime annual dues by becoming InterNACHI’s 2015 Member of the Year.

You’re basically set for life.


I’ll let Russell know you declined to “upgrade” to HomeGauge… lol.

Well Bob, seems like you just hit the 777 in Vegas. ;):slight_smile:

I am happy for you, Bob.

Congrats again…:smiley: