Boiler Age???

Can anyone age this boiler od do I need to call the company?


Looks like 2012. I don’t see the model number and series #.

Take a look here:

I would say less than 3 years. They wouldn’t write 2012 on the data plate if it was built before that.

Hope it helps.


Thanks David,

The model is EG/PEG series 5.
I didn’t see the 2012 before.

Looks like they didn’t write the whole serial #. Should be like 5xxxxxx but the 2012 is a pretty good indicator that it is less than 3 years.

Glad I could help.


Derek… When you are inspecting a Weil McLain, look for a “CP Number”.
Weil McLain has a CP # lookup on their website that will give you the information without having to call.

Yeah. Always look for a solitary sticker on the side of the unit starting with “CP”

Thanks guys, I’m inspecting it Monday so I’ll look for the CP, I was setting the radon test today so I was giving myself a head start…