Weil-McLain Age?

Looking for the age of a Weil-McLain boiler with the numbers CP 452914.


**Weil-McLain- **Please look on the outside jacket of the boiler for a CP Serial Number. It will have a bar code on it. Call (or email) Weil-McLain and they will tell you the date of manufacture. Phone: 219-879-6561 ask for Technical Services

Try this link;


Just to let everyone know, after I called Weil Mclain Tech Services, they stated that the contractor who installs the unit is responsible for putting on the UPC code. Unfortunately, the code was not installed on a 27 unit apt LGB17 series 2 during my inspection. Therefore, I have to give a range (per the tech). Series 2’s were manufactured from 1993 to present (2008). Which does not help much.

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