boiler cutoff switch

I recently inspected a property where the only cutoff switch for the boiler was at the boiler. I recommended one also ideally be located at the top of the stairs, but at minimum at the bottom of the stairs.It is not as deal breaker, but the sellers state they have been told the one at the boiler that also has a thermal cutoff is good enough. Opinions please.


Allen, the codes likely vary with location so not sure what applies in your area. You didn’t say whether an oil or gas-fired boiler. Here, for an oil burner there needs to be an emergency switch at the entrance to the room where the heating appliance is located, as well as at the appliance. Typically you see them at the top of the stairs because that’s the entrance to an unfinished basement. I don’t believe the same is required for gas-fired boilers but I often see a remote red emergency switch for them as well.

So where the hell do you live?

Guess what? Where I used to live, it was required. Where I now live they say “what”?

Allen you should go to your profile and add your location so people can better answer your questions.