Emergency shut off switch

Hi all,

Looking for some feedback on this situation. While inspecting a house recently, I noticed there was not an emergency shut-off switch located at the top of the basement stairs where I am accustomed to seeing one. I received this letter recently from the buyer, this letter came from the seller. I am pretty new to the field so I may not have all the information but it is my understanding there should be an emergency shut-off switch. There is a service switch.
Emergency Switch.pdf (154.1 KB)

The letter says it all. Never heard of an emergency shut off switch.



Emergency shut-off for WHAT?
Is the residence located in a gas station?
Never heard of such a thing.


What are you living under a rock?

Do you mean this type of switch?


Exactly. Thank you.

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Me, or the OP?

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Yes, exactly. Thank you

Thank you, Doug.

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How about the switch for the lights…

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I was thinking the same thing Marcel. Might as well remove all light switches from the house in case there is a gas leak… :thinking:


They are common in the North East for oil fired boilers.


Common here as well.


The head scratcher here is the letter from seller regarding his conversation with someone from the propane co. stating that the “emergency switch should be disabled” for reasons that an electrical switch could cause a spark that would ignite a gas leak.

Think about that for a while and let it sink in.


Read their Google reviews and it makes more sense!!

You guys just made me laugh really LOL!


Thought this was only required at the top of the stairs for oil burners to be able to cut off the fuel supply pump without entering the basement when an oil type fuel tank is installed in the basement. But have heard some localities require for all types.

See NFPA 31 requirements.

You are correct.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

That has been a requirement for a long time, for oil burners.

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