boiler safety switch (button)

trying to find a diagram showing the location of these switches… these are the safety buttons that will pop out in event of high heat (flame rollout) and kill power to the oil boiler. anyone have anything?

I’ve found one in a home that is located off to the left vs. directly above the burner… appears wrong… want to back it up some…:roll:


I don’t think there is a standard placement for these emergency shut-offs.

I usually see them above the oil burner in different locations. If it’s not above the boiler/furnace anywhere, I call it out in my report, but rarely will I find an oil burner with a missing emergency shut-off.

Placement isn’t that important IMO. As long as it is able to detect excessive heat from the appliance, and isn’t located a distance away from the burner area.

3610.1 Safety Controls. Oil and Gas Fired Equipment. An automatic safety switch (firematic) shallbe installed over the burner area of all oil and gas fired heating equipment. Manual switches,*** identified by a red switch plate indicating the type of fuel, shall be installed at all oil/gas fired ***
appliances and at a remote location (separated by a door) from the appliance.

This was in a New Hampshire building code post I found. I’m currently investagating the same issue in Vermont and they’re not as open with anything in writing.

The question that I am trying to research, is whether or not a firematic switch is required on propane or natural gas equipment. There seems to be many conflicting opinions about the necessity for these switches on gas equipment, however everybody agrees that they are necessary on oil fired equipment. Frankly, I can think of as many good reasons to install them on gas fired equipment as I can on oil.

On inspection, it seems the Firematic was moved 14 inches away from the oil burner. Discovered this new installation was prompted by the Firematic blowing two or three times. It seems the installer moved the Firematic to stop it blowing. That does not seem safe.