Boiler Plumbing

I have a boiler, I have inspected tons of boilers. All that I have seen have dedicated sections for supply and return. Until yesterday.

Here is what I am used to seeing:

Here is how yesterdays system was built:

Note that the supply and return land in the same section of the primary loop.

Any opinions on this?

I’ll be watching for an education.
Thank God I’m in Florida & don’t see this kind of stuff. :cowboy_hat_face:

You’re looking at a primary/secondary loop piping arrangement which is a better method when multiple zones call for heat at the same time.

Not really seeing a problem here.

In pic #1 you have valve actuators for each zone with one circulation pump. In pic #2 you have a pump on each zone.

Depending on the size of the zone determines the method that works best.

As for supply/return on the same loop, I stick two 15ga needles in the same artery of my arm to pull out and return blood for my dialysis machine. Works fine, same principal.