Hot water heating loop

Looking for info on this type of heating. The loop runs thru the compressor 2 50 gal propane gas WH and thru the air handler. single loop, closed loop, Is there a name for this. Any diagrams.

Thank you in advance.

Need more than a one-liner there bud…

Here you go.

Click on Troys link for some decent diagrams

Thank you Roy Cooke for providing the information that I was asking for. I seem to remember going over this in my AHIT class years ago but since I have never run into this in my neck of the woods I forgotten it.

I have it as a PDF to big to post here send me email and I will send it to Back to you…
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Combination Heating Systems

Some call it Hydronic Heating.

This runs thru the air handler unit…not baseboards or radiators. Hence my confusion. When I talked to my HVAC guy he couldn’t come up with the name but told me it was similar to a hydronic system. Roy (thank you) sent me the pdf. I couldn’t post it so I thought google drive would work…I didn’t realize you have to give permission. Hopefully someone can help without jumping through hoops.

I put the file here

Combination Heating Systems

We call them fan coil units around here.