Steam Boiler baseboard

I am looking for some clarity with a Weil Mclain steam boiler I inspected today. It had a sight glass with a Hartford Loop and large diameter steam pipes. Also had 2 circulator pumps, appearing to provide hot water to regular baseboard.
I know that old cast iron rads can be converted to accept hot water heating but can a steam boiler feed steam AND hot water to cast iron rads - steam, and water to modern baseboard. Just a little knowledge seeking on this set up if anyone can enlighten me, i appreciate much.

Not going to say what your asking is impossible but I have never observed one that provided steam and hot water at the same time. Most common is one or the other. The sight glass is to observe the water level within the boiler proper both steam and hot water boilers have sight glasses. It would be interesting to see the complete system

Converted steam boiler.

Now hydronic.

The radiators only had one pipe , doesnt a second pipe need to be fitted for the water return

Here some more fotos - tight area, couldnt get over all shot


It’s a either or system boiler. Steam or water

EG40 is water
EG45 is steam

I found on line thru an article that it is possible to combine steam and water usage on steam boiler but needs to be done a specific way. I will try and post it if i find it again. One of those mind boggling findings.

Some units have an optional and separate domestic hot water loop as well.

Take a look at this article, it describes adding a hot water zone to a steam using boiler. Not sure if its what i have but interesting info anyway.


Yet another interesting link, as you mentioned earlier Mike, using the tankless coil model , and running hot water to the baseboard. Thanx for your guidance in it.