Boiler vent

This vent is for a boiler heating system, The vent is too low to grade so needs to be raised, Just wanted to get your feed back on where it is located, Just want to be sure how I say this.

Thanks !!

To close to Block for my liking and way to close to the ground.
Gas or oil?

Its gas, That was my thought too close to the block

John Is the block the old flue?
It looks like there is a reaction from condensation and the block most likely from the exhaust .Kinda of doomed for failure .

That is the old flue, There two flues in that chimney one for the fireplace and one has been abadoned, I dont understand why they just use that to vent the boiler.

Yes they should of just added a liner , be safer than what the have. would take much to plug that one