Any ideas??? could not figure out...

This small vent line came up from the second floor bath area (adjacent to vent stack) in a circa 1900 home. It appeared to be similar to guttering type material perhaps galvanized…

I could not determine its purpose… any thoughts?

CPI_Assaf_Augusta 198.jpg

CPI_Assaf_Augusta 200.jpg

Maybe a flue for an old gas or wood heater for the bath?

that is the only thing I can come up with… no trace of it inside the home (below)…

Is it for a bath fan?

that was my first thought… but no fan in the bath…

Whatever it serves it has some problems.

Single walled passing through wood , gap not larger enough for a single walled flue. 6" inch clearance…no (If a natural gas burning appliance.)

Is it a bathroom vent? Well it going through the chimney… I hope not! Probably / maybe not lined either so introduction of excessive moisture in a chimney if so… Deterioration of mortar caused by mixing excessive moisture with natural gas burning appliances products of combustion (acid) if chimney is not lined… Possible introduction of products of combustion into room below.

Length of flue to chimney breach… If this is a natural gas burning appliance what is the overall length of that flue? Heating that flue is what moves that gases up the flue. A flue that is way to long and you have a poor draw.

Need more info.
If it’s a orphan connection then capping maybe the best thing.

I certainly hope it’s not a wood burning f/P mixed with a Natural gas burning appliance…:wink:

no gas appliances… we know that… and yes the chimney is single brick, unlined at that… so there are a multitude of issues… basically wrote up as unknown… evaluate further…

I have often seen these in my area. We have many homes in this area that date from 1900 to 1915 or so. An old plumber once told me that these are a vent off of an old style toilet. All the ones I have come across have been disconnected at the bathroom end. They are usually rotting and/or falling apart.

I am leaning in that direction… funny thing, the only full bath was on the second floor and the layout was horrible… the door opened inward, swung to the right, just cleared the sink on the left and hit the toilet when about 90 degrees open… this left about 12 inches clearance to get by the sink… AWFUL :shock:

not a great picture but the door was as open as it could get…



Talk about a way to vent gas…;-):smiley:
I learn something all the time…:smiley: