Bollard in garage

Do you call out no bollard when appliances are in garage?

That would depend on the specifics of the installation. Do you have pictures as an example?

Yes. Mechanical Equipment needs to be protected form physical damage.

You know Brian, you may wish to invest in a Code Book. :wink:

You might also want to post your questions in the MO section so you don’t have to be embarrassed when you get beat on!

The “invest in a code book” suggestion is very good for some questions you’re asking. Of course if you can not afford it they are available for free viewing on the ICC WEB site, including California specific changes.

I’ve never seen one in a house in Florida even before I was an inspector. But I do get nervous when my wife pulls into our garage 12" away from our air handler especially after going out to the brewery. Are they common in other parts of the country?

That was funny but remember this is an open section of the BB. Never tell your Wife about this BB! :lol::lol:

Can’t tell you in other parts of the country but here in Texas I’ve only seen one in a residential structure in all my years of inspecting. That is one out of many, many installations that should have had them. Placing a bollard is not aesthetically pleasing and typically takes away from available space in garages already pushing the limits.

They are common here.

I had a Realtor refer to it as the “Margarita Bar”.

You come home from having Margaritas and it stops you from hitting the Water Heater with your car.

See them all the time here… some have a parking block instead.