bonded neutral in a sub panel with generator

Neutral and ground bonded in the sub panel. Under normal conditions the neutral wire and ground should be isolated and not bonded together in a sub-panel. A sub-panel is described as any panel down stream of the main disconnect switch. In this cause the main disconnect switch is in the old 100amp meter/main panel. A whole house 100 amp standby generator has been installed. All the branch circuit breakers are now all located in a new sub-panel next to the old combo meter/main panel. All the neutral wires from the older house wiring are connected to the grounded neutral bar in the old combo meter/main. Now the problem I see is that the sub-panel with all the circuit breakers is also a bonded neutral ground. It has the green screw bonding the neutral bar to the housing. New circuits have been added to the new sub-panel and connected white to neutral and black to breaker. The homeowner turns off the power from the main service panel at the combo main/meter and this will turn off the utility company power but will immediately start the standby generator unit. If you turn off the main disconnect in the generator panel the power goes off in the house but the generator still starts and brings power to the main switch but not through it. Is this dangerous? Should it be called out?

You know the rules for neutral and ground bonding in main and sub panels, and it is not correct here.
But also concerning generator, there is only one way to apply a generator to a panel properly and safely, and that is with a proper transfer switch made for this purpose be installed by a qualified electrician. Any made up home made hillbilly connections should absolutely be called out and referred to electrician for repair. If you are having trouble distinguishing this system then refer it for further evaluation by the electrician that corrects the problems you already know exist, mentioned above.

Thank you Christopher,

This generator was installed with an automatic transfer switch. It was also installed by a licensed Electrical Contractor. It was also passed by the local building department. And it was at question about the bonded neutral in the sub-panel to the Building Inspector…passed it anyway.