Bonding gas line to ground

Electrician clamped the wire from the gas line to the main ground wire. I have not seen this and was pretty sure at one time this was not a proper install. The information I find is this.

Not full text below.

Standard CSST installed insideor attached to a building or structure shall be electrically continuous anddirect-bonded to the electrical ground system of the premises in which it isinstalled. The gas piping system shall be considered to be direct-bonded wheninstalled in accordance with the following:

The bonding conductor is permanently and directly connectedto the electrical service equipment enclosure, the grounded conductor at theelectrical service, the grounding electrode conductor, or to one or more of thegrounding electrodes used.

When an additional grounding electrode(s) is usedfor the gas service, it shall be bonded to the electrical service groundingelectrode system or, where provided, the lightning protection grounding system.For single and multi-family structures a single bond connection shall be madeon an accessible rigid piping component or CSST fitting located downstream ofthe utility gas meter or second-stage LP regulator. The bonding clampattachment point may be at any location within the gas piping system. However,the shortest practical bonding wire length will improve the effectiveness ofthe direct-bond. The corrugated stainless steel tubing portion of the gaspiping system shall not be used as the point of attachment of the bonding clampunder any circumstances. (Fig. 1, 2)"

Is the main ground wire part of the ground system that can be used to clamp the gas line bonding wire to?



It’s connected to the grounding electrode conductor going to the panel as per the instructions you’ve posted.