Bonding Jumper Question

So I have a Siemens 100 amp panel which is equipped with 2 additional bus bars for grounding / neutrals. There is no visible jumpers to the additional bus bars.
Should there be jumpers here or is the connection to ground/neutral through the panel cabinet sufficient?

The bond is accomplished with the green bonding screw on the right buss.

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Assuming this is the service panel, you can land the grounds and the neutrals on the neutral bars bonded to the panel via the green screw. You cannot, however, land neutrals on those extra grounding bus bars as that would make non-fault currents go through the panel enclosure. In your example, I don’t see any neutrals on the ground bars, so no issue in that regard.


Thanks Guys!!

The EGC bus is connected to the cabinet by the mounting screws that’s all that’s required.

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Thanks Robert!

Is this a sub or a main?

Wire crossing over power buses.
wire crossing over power buses illustration

Robert, Do you see an issue with that? I dislike that method but it’s factory installed jumper.

Yes. Even though the the bonding means is solid and insulated, it is a risk nonetheless. It would be much safer to reroute bonding around the buses.

It’s a UL listed panel, nobody’s rerouting it. You’re being silly. The issue is with field installed wires flapping in the wind over and across the bus, not a factory secured and tested tie bars. May not be the best design, but it works fine in thousands of panels.

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Main (Service Equipment)

Service panel. The 3 wire feeder is the clue.

You are being silly. The conductor plainly crosses the buses. The manufacturer left an idea monkier for home-owners and handymen. It would be just as easy for the manufacturer to bond the neutral busses in a fashion that would be safer.

An insulated conductor in front of the bus is not a hazard. It is not going anywhere… The panel is listed that way.

The exposed lugs are more of a hazard.