Main Service Panel with no bonding jumper

Inspecting an older house today with an updated GE panel. This is A MAIN SERVICE EQUIPMENT PANEL, I noticed that the neutrals and grounds were separated, the bonding jumper was removed and the bonding screw was on the ground bus bar. Looks like they have wired this panel as a secondary distribution panel to me (need help in determining if I should call this out as a defect) Thanks In Advance
DSCN9179 DSCN9184 DSCN9186 DSCN9187

If this is the service as you say then yes there could be a big problem if the neutral is not bonded to the enclosure. Was the meter on the opposite side of the wall?

YES, I went out and DOUBLE checked, this was the only disconnect. Bonding strap has been removed. (yes i see the tieback broken loose) DSCN9112|640x480

It’s hard to tell from the photo but I’m assuming that there is no connection between the EGC and the neutral bus even at the top of the panel? Is this a brand of panel that typically has the tie between the two buses at the bottom?

Yes, there is a plumbing and a rod in the ground, both connected on the neutral bus bar One on a lug at the top left with bright green tape
DSCN9188 DSCN9188

OK, I thought that the bus on the left was setup as the EGC bus for the equipment grounding conductors.

Both are connected to the equipment bus bar, the equipment ground bus bar is along the left side of the panel DSCN9189

Yes sorry I’m even confused, Both EGC’S are on the equipment ground bus bar YES. This panel is setup like a secondary panel (both bus bars should be bonded together with a bonding strap that was removed at the bottom, correct ?)

I looks like a jumper bar may run just under the main breaker. The bond screw is in place at the bottom of the left bar.

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No Sir, With this type panel GE, the jumper or strap is at the bottom, the two gold colored screws at the bottom are where the jumper is suppose to go.

Actually the conductor going to the grounding electrode is a GEC or grounding electrode conductor. The EGC is an equipment grounding conductor for example the bare conductor in NM cable.

Since the metal jumper between the two bars has been removed and the two bars not connected you are correct this is a defect. This also means that the neutral is not properly bonded in the panel.

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Morning Sam. Hope this post finds you well.

Do you have the catalog number of the enclosure?
Looking forward to your reply.

No I don’t, Thanks for your help, put I didn’t expect this to be that detailed. I will look for that if this issues comes up again.

Thanks for you time Sir

You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

Here is a back-to-back installation(meter is directly on the outside the wall). House was build in 2005. Neutrals and grounds appear to be separated in the panel. Am I correct in assuming they need a bonding jumper?

Since that is the service panel it should be bonded.

The neutral is required to be bonded to the enclosure. The EGC bus is permitted to be bonded to the enclosure by the mounting screws.

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Is there a EGC ?

The equipment grounding conductors are on the lower bus bar on the left side.