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Here are some pics from my morning inspection. The property owner has an air piping system attached to an air compressor in his shop/garage. The piping system stays with the garage at the time of sale. I told my client of the need to have the piping bonded…The question is how do you effectively bond the piping system given all the teflon tape used at the joints? Isn’t this similar to tryinging to properly bond metal ducting?

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I would think that once the connections are made the threads actually CUT the teflon tape at the sharp thread seams so the bond would still take place.

The question of bonding this system brings this question into effect…is the system likely to become energized?

**(B) Other Metal Piping. **Where installed in or attached to
a building or structure, metal piping system(s), including
gas piping, that may become energized shall be bonded to
the service equipment enclosure, the grounded conductor at
the service, the grounding electrode conductor where of
sufficient size, or to the one or more grounding electrodes
used. The bonding jumper(s) shall be sized in accordance
with 250.122 using the rating of the circuit that may energize
the piping system(s). The equipment grounding conductor
for the circuit that may energize the piping shall be
permitted to serve as the bonding means. The points of
attachment of the bonding jumper(s) shall be accessible.

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