need some help guys

Hey all I need some help figuring this out just to make sure. The main service entrance panel seems OK the only thing I’m concerned with and I want to make for sure is, there is a bonding wire from a bus bar that is bonded to the gas meter pipe. Correct me if I’m wrong but you are not supposed to bond a wire to a gas pipe from a electric panel I know it’s a little hard to see but if you zoom in you will see it. Also on the sub panel in the garage there is 2 hots and a bare neutral coming in, shouldn’t it have 4 wires. Also the bus bars are connected with a tie bar. Please check this out and let me know if I’m wrong or missing something, thanks

A gas pipe is not permitted to be used as a grounding electrode but it is permitted to be bonded even if it’s not required. Typically there are dielectric fittings on the meter so the bond on the house side of the meter is not using the pipe in the ground as an electrode.

A subpanel in a detached garage was at allowed to use a 3-wire feeder but that permission left the NEC in 2008. When it was permitted the neutral must be bonded to the enclosure.