Boston Area Inspector Needed

Looking for an Inspector in the Boston General area. The house is going to be waterfront in the $3,000,000 - $4,000,000 range. My client asked me to fly up and do the inspection but I want to be compliant and get a licensed local Inspector with experience on homes of this caliber in this area.

I will also be flying in to manage the inspection.

Please respond with your website and if no sample report is on your site, please send me a sample report.

Thanks - Russ

I don’t know any decent interNACHI ones off the top of my head…im an hour south, perhaps we can grab a coffee if there is time in our schedules.

David Valley is a top-notch inspector and is licensed to conduct inspections in the state of Massachusetts.
{Do not forget that Massachusetts is a “licensed state” and they have a $2,000.00 fine for any inspector who is not licensed.}

Good luck :smiley:

yes it is, I was not suggesting I go work in Mass.

It might be worth your while to get your Massachusetts license.
You never know when something is going to come up that would make it worth your while to maintain that license.:smiley:

Regards, Frank Carrio CMI

Perhaps…the think is id have to go work under someone else’s license for many inspections to earn my own one… not worth the pay cut. My state will have a license, the legislation has passes but has no funding, so its just in limbo…once it does Mass will likely have reciprocity, then its a mater of the fee, no issue then. we do 600+ a year its not like we need to expand our territory.