Pest Inspections in Massachusetts

I’ve recently opened up a home inspection company in Massachusetts.
Does anyone know if there is a licensing requirement to do a pest inspection in Massachusetts. I know you need to have a license to be apply pesticides/chemicals etc., but I can’t seem to find any regulation regarding just doing a WDO Inspection and filling out the NPMA - 33 Form.

I notice a lot of companies in Mass advertise that they do WDO inspections (most for free) for VA/FHA Loans and they advertise (on their web pages) having licenses for Home inspection (req in Mass) and other trades, but I rarely see a license number for Pest inspection offered.

I would like to provide this service myself (Lots of clients want to know if I do Pest Inspections) but would sub out if a license is required until I can get my license.
Thanks for any info.

Before you “sub out” anything I would strongly recommend that you check with the Massachusetts licensing board.

Yes I am licensed to do home inspections, and I do look for evidence of WDO while I’m on site and report on them. I was just wondering if my Home Inspectors license allows me to fill out the Pest form or if I needed to get a pest license or certification of some sort. There is no reference to pest inspectors in the Mass CMR regarding Home Inspectors.

Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation (OCABR)
Division of Professional Licensure

a couple other state agencies to check out, possibly call or email a question if web site doesn’t have info you’re looking for.
good luck