Bottom feeder?

Checking out the competition in the Denver metro area came across this…how can anyone sustain a BUSINESS like this ?

**R****eal Estate Appraiser, Contractor, Re/Max Broker and Metro Broker. is all i have to say.

Seen that report somewhere and can not think of which brand it is.

Guessing phone software.

I don’t even care about that type of guy. He is not my competition. If realtors are referring him it doesn’t bother me. They are not the type of realtors that I want to work with.

There will always be bottom feeders.

$129 for (according to his site) 5 hours of work? From that take $10 per inspection toward his insurance premium, $5 fuel costs to get to and from, truck payment, office supplies, dues/education, accounting, and let’s not forget around a 40% hit to the Fed/State in taxes, you might as well just go be a fry cook at the Steak 'n Shake.

His report looks like it’s worth every one of those 129 dollars :slight_smile:

What the hell does “…appeared to be in serviceable condition” mean? Its in there a dozen times on every page. Sounds like this guy is looking, but not sure what exactly it is that he’s looking at.

“58. The drywalled ceilings appeared to be in serviceable condition”

What a ridiculous excuse for an inspection report. I’m starting to think his prices may be a little high…

$129;00 he obviously knows exactly what he is worth .

If thats all I could charge for an inspection, I DEFINITELY will keep on pourin concrete!! make waaay more $$!

why are you helping out his SEO by posting it here? Put it in members only…

Wasnt aware of that…I think he is a member as well does that matter?

It’s his company, he gets to run it as he sees fit. He is also a fellow member.

One of my competitors is a retired veteran with a bread winning wife. He doesn’t have to work. He likes doing inspections though. He spends 5 hours at the property and a whole day on the report. He only wants 1-2 a week and he can’t help but give people great deals. He is an InterNACHI member and we talk occasionally. It is what it is. No reason to tear him down.

He is" TEARING" himself down. If I wanted a hobby, I could find alot of other things to do with my time. Volunteering for my church,fishing,anything else, besides driving down the prices for everyone else.

I am brand new to HI industry,but I also have 24 years experience in the building trades. I WONT be doing cheap inspections just beacause joe blow is doing them for $129.00. I wont even get out of bed for that. I know what MY time and knowledge is worth.

true, but if Gerald is upset and yo uput a quality back link to his site like was done, we all just looked and it helped his SEO (potentially helping drive traffic TO the site G. complained about)

Counter productive.

BTW, I have told prospects I’m more expensive than competition, and I don’t care. Those guys (low priced inspectors, in Colorado:mrgreen:) don’t typically take my business anyway.

If he’s real busy at it, his schedule will fill right up and you’ll still get clients, theres plenty of houses to inspect.

I don’t care how great his SEO is. He is local to me but not my competition. My schedule is full and I have been turning inspection away. Why is anyone worried about this guy? He will sink or swim. It will not affect me.

To be honest,I am not upset with this guy, and yes he does get to run his business as he sees fit. Just makes me wonder what his overhead is?? I know $129 will not cover MY projected overhead. AT $129 per,I’m sure he is plenty busy so not concerned about being “counter produtive”. My reputation from my former business is SOLID and I already have clients waiting for me to “open the doors” in my new business. Im not worried about this BOTTOM FEEDER! I just put this up there because I thought it was funny.

My advice to you is to worry about how you run your business and not how other members run their businesses.

If the shoe fits…if it looks like a bottom feeder,if it acts like a bottom feeder,well then its probably…you get the pic? Funny,a “fellow” member inspector asked for advice on the MB the other day and after everyone checked out his site, and viewed his price list, he was ripped apart for doing $235 inspections. I will NOT bit my tongue for you Chuck or anyone else. I call it like I see it. If you call your company 129 inspections because thats what you charge well then you deserve ridicule, as I would expect to be ridiculed.