Brackets and Strapping

New home inspected yesterday. Got in the attic and what do i see. Brackets not nailed down and strapping not nailed down. Certain areas they are nailed down others it looks like the installers just got lazy. Do these pics look okay to you guys?

You inspector folks all take pictures so close up that we can’t (or at least I can’t) tell what’s going on. I realize that such close-ups make sense for inclusion in your reports, but a wider shot would help very much in our being able to figure out what’s happening and why.

I agree, I cannot figure it out either, what are they, some sort of hurricane straps required in Florida?

My thoughts also, Dale. Only it looks like a DYI install (retrofit) or a fly-by-night roofer job (no pun intnded). Looks like the straps go through the sheathing, extend to the other side of the truss, and back down to be secured. Then the roofer reshingled the roof over it (last picture). The first picture(s) look like the straps may be for cross bracing, but have never seen this type used in this manner before. I’m having a difficult time believing a truss engineer certified this set-up. :shock:

Was there anything mounted on the roof that would need to be secured to the framework?

These straps are not installed properly. There should be a WRAP to them and then nailed in the other side as well. I do not know the EXACT code, but I am almost posiive it goes by the manufacture and you need their installation guidelines.

Simpson Strong-Tie is a large manufacturer of straps and I have attended their free seminars at one of their manufacturing plants. All of their straps are engineered and have to be secured per their design specifications, otherwise structural defects exist…

here’s a link to their website if you need a reference.

Hope this helps,

Guys this is a brand new home. BRAND NEW $370,000 home. I didn’t think the strapping was secured properly. I recommended that a truss engineer and licensed roofing contractor evaluate to determine if repairs are necessary. Thanks for all your advice.