Ever seen this before?

Just wanted to share this from one of today’s inspections. Anyone ever run into something like it? And let me add that every single truss had them.


Appears to be pipe strapping that was used to tie down the bottom cord of a truss. Is that correct? It has no uplifting documented qualities that I know of. Does “You might be a redneck” come to mind. It does function. just not documented.

LOL, I agree with you and can’t imagine why they even would go through the trouble of doing it without first asking someone that would have been able to better advise them.


Somebody made a few bucks talking the homeowner into this one…Probably the roofer. Looks like a qualified clip without the makeshift retrofit.

Yeap, the clips are okay. And you are most likely right about being talked into something. Shame.


Let me do some looking. It doesn’t look like regular plumbing strapping as it is wider at the truss than where it attaches to the wall…almost like it was designed for this purpose.

I would ask the homeowner to get any documentation for this retrofit.

Interesting reading: http://www.margatefl.com/building/Hurricane%20Retrofit.pdf

It looks like pipe strap, I think it might be a bit optical, but it is pipe strap IMO.

It looks to me like someone had either too much time or too much cash.

Either way, it was not spent wisely. He He.:mrgreen:

I agree Jay. I sent in the report yesterday. I’m hoping it doesn’t confuse the underwriter because every single picture has those along with the original straps. I’m expecting a call any day now…hehehe


A GUESS! The inspector would not pass the connections as they didn’t connect OVER the truss so this strapping was used and the inspector signed off. TOTAL GUESS! IMO.