Bradford Chest Freezer age

Renovating a wash room in my basement and had to take my small chest freezer out to make room, so I moved it to another area of the basement.

This thing is still running after all these years.

Try to guess how old it is.

Serial #17M05412-VA-123

Mod. # 789726802A23

I told the Wife to try and empty it soon.
I remember approximately when I bought it. +/- 1 - 2 years.

Just don’t tell me it is a gas freezer… :shock:

Nope, just a regular electric. :slight_smile:

I would bet that the vast majority of members have never seen a gas refrigerator or freezer. I finally got rid of the gas line in back of my fridge in Santa Barbara. We probably had that one until the late 60’s.

I had a propane fridge in my camper years ago.

Well mine is not that old Steve, but sure the hell surprised me that it is still running, considering that the life expectancy is approx., 10-20 years.

It’s 45 and still running. A W. T. Grants special :slight_smile:


Did you find the year somehow Marc?

Just guessing.
I used refrigerator search, from as my dad would have said “Monkey Wards”.
Then I pulled out “68” from the model number. There’s a “72” in there also. I gave it my best shot. :mrgreen:


Well I bought it in 73, so that year must be close. Grants filed for bankruptcy in 76, I believe.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

I was gonna go with 1917 :wink:

Appliance411: Service: How old is my appliance? Age finder, date of manufacture code decryption help for your appliances

Thanks Marcel, I have that site and first place I had looked, but they don’t have the Bradford Brand listed due to being a W. T. Grant product.

Marcel …

We had one in around 1974-1975 … Got it at Wards. Might even have the service manual UNLESS we gave it to the iNACHI library last year.

I most likely will never have a new one that last that long.

I bought a microwave at Wards when they came out and it lasted 25 years before it fried itself. :slight_smile: