water heater age

model #JJ0546770
serial #M-I-50S5ss-12


I’ll look for the code to cut 'n paste.

PS: I think you have the mod. and ser. #'s reversed.

Bradford-White/Lochinvar - 1st letter in the s/n is the year of manufacturer with A being 1984 (They use a 20 year cycle) They skip the letters I, O, Q, R, U, V to make the full cycle. The second letter is the month A=January through M = December (I is left out)

The first letter in the s/n is the year of manufacture with A being 1964 or 1984 (they use a 20 year cycle). They skip the letters “I, O, Q, R, U, and V” to make the full cycle.

Due to a computer error, Bradford-White manufactured some water heaters with a s/n beginning OA. These units are from January 1997

A 1964 A 1984 A January
B 1965 B 1985 B February
C 1966 C 1986 C March
D 1967 D 1987 D April
E 1968 E 1988 E May
F 1969 F 1989 F June
G 1970 G 1990 G July
H 1971 H 1991 H August
J 1972 J 1992 J September
K 1973 K 1993 K October
L 1974 L 1994 L November
M 1975 M 1995 M December
N 1976 N 1996
P 1977 P 1997
S 1978 S 1998
T 1979 T 1999
W 1980 W 2000
X 1981 X 2001
Y 1982 Y 2002
Z 1983 Z 2003

No I don’t

I believe you do, Earl.

See Larry’s dating. He’s got it right.

That’s exactly as it is on the unit I’ll have to double checked it

I have seen the HVAC installer get the numbers reversed when he put his little white stickee on the outside of the unit, so I always check the actual manufacturer’s plate rather than what the HVAC guy did.