BWhite tank age

Dummy me didnt note serial or model in front of numbers.

House is 10 years old.


DF9263333 M2TW75T6BN

Tank was 75 Gallons.

Its either 2007 or 1995


It would be a whole lot easier for you fellas to just write this s**t down and keep a crib sheet of it in your report binder or posted on an office BB. It has only been posted on here about eleventy thousand times.


1st letter is year starting with A being 1964, goes in 20 years cycles, so that means the next time A comes around it was 1984. They skipped the letters I,O,Q,R, U, and V.

2nd letter is the month, not that it matters, but it too starts with A = January thru to M which is December.

I have all this so called s**t down and a sheet I just didnt mark what number was the serial. I un derstand about the 20 years. Just trying to determine if tank is original or if it was replaced.

Sorry you got offended, but every day the board is clobbered with people asking the same damned questions about the ages of things, instead of just looking it up themselves. I guess it is just easier.

I actually have books and charts and try to help those needing ages.

I just completed a million dollar + home with 3 AC 3 Furnaces and I wrote so may numbers I mistakenly did not note what number was serial and what was model.

No offense taken.

For applainances I use this web site.