Bradford White Water Heater Age

Bradford White water heater. Model#MI5035LN10, Serial# KM2460592.

Thanks, in advance for the help.

Here’s how to fish:

The Bradford White. To find the age of a Bradford White tank, you have to understand their coding. The year of manufacture is noted by the first letter of the serial number, the month is the second letter. The decoding is based on the following format:
Year Decoder: G = 1990; H = 1991; J = 1992; K = 1993; L= 1994; M= 1995; N= 1996; P= 1997; S= 1998; T= 1999; W= 2000; X= 2001; Y= 2002; Z=2003; A= 2004; B=2005; C=2006; D=2007
Month Decoder: A= JAN; B=FEB; C=MAR; D= APR; E=MAY; F= JUNE; G=JULY; H= AUG; J= SEPT; K=OCT; L= NOV; M= DEC.


Another quick way to guesstimate age is look at gas code. You know they only change every 2-3 years so you’re right in the ballpark.

Thanks for the codes, very helpful