Struggling with wiring types

I’m training right now and am have a hard time figuring out wiring on older homes. This house was built in 61. Would this be considered cloth wiring or copper?

It looks like romex, not cloth wiring.
It would be called cloth jacketed wire.

The 1960’s saw the introduction of what we now refer to as Romex wiring.
It is a sheathed cable with a ground wire added for safety.
This wiring has served as the backbone for our electrical needs and
should have no insurability issues.
This wiring is generally mistakenly called out on the 4 point forms as “cloth covered wiring” even though the wire itself is covered in pvc rubber, and is actually “cloth jacketed wire”. In the truest sense of the word it is technically cloth covered, but the hazard of the older wiring is that the older rubber became brittle, whereas this wiring has a more covering around it, which, to date, GENERALLY has not shown the degredation issues as with its predecessor.

cloth jacket wire image


its actually a combination of both. as you can see at the top of the box where the wires are entering.

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So if you’re filling out a 4-point would you check it as cloth or would you just say copper?

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Paul, that is not cloth wiring. I would not be checking that box.
It is not a combination of both.


Marc can you send me a personal message and give me a better explanation?

There is:

a) individual conductor insulation (cables contain multiple individual conductors)
b) jacket (sheathing) or a cable (containing multiple conductors) insulation

If the individual conductor insulation is made from organic fiber then it it’s a “cloth” wiring.

If this does not explain it, :man_shrugging: