Cloth Wiring?

I am calling this cloth wiring. Is that correct? Someone has told me its braided romex but is that not the same as cloth wiring?

Feedback appreciated.

That’s not braided romex, it’s tinned copper, cloth covered wiring. Very common on the range circuit.

I ended up identifying it as a cloth covered conductor. I see these often for the range as you stated and, in this particular case, for the A/C. Why are these usually not replaced when the home is re-wired? Is it strictly to keep costs low? This entire home was re-wired and a new panel box installed yet they left this one cloth covered conductor.

Probably because the electrician thought it was stranded AL. I see NoAlox on it.

I would call that cloth wiring. Individual wire with braid on it and an insulator underneath. I would carefully inspect that insulation to see if it is rubbery. If it is cracked it is a good sign it is probably rubber, which means it is cloth wiring. Modern thermoplastic wires do not have cloth on the individual wires.