Buderus Water Heater Age

I’m having a hard time finding the age of a Buderus/Bosch hot water tank. The serial number I have for the unit is 16031023484757, no dashes, no letters, no spacing. Everywhere I look online, I can’t find anything like this configuration to tell me the age. Anyone have any ideas?

Have a photo of the complete data tag?

I looked up everything I could find on Buderus and Bosch, but just can’t find this configuration anywhere…

Might be because it is an Indirect water heater. Basically a storage tank. It is heated by the furnace.

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I have found dates for other brands of indirect tanks before. Buderus likes to make things complicated! :grin: Was it in a newer home?

No, home was built in 1921

Was the heating unit newer as well?

yes, it was

Possibly could be around same age, if installed same time.

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That’s the rub, I take 2 pictures of each appliance tag just in case…and both pictures came out blurry on the furnace tag. Usually I double-check, but this one slipped past me.

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That makes things tough, nothing readable at all?

Unfortunately not. Was hoping the readable serial number on the hot water heater could give me some info.

And when I got to their website for customer service and click on the English tab, it’s partially in English and partially Turkish, I believe. Can’t find a way to have a phone call or online chat. My Turkish is not exactly fluent.

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I can’t see where the age would be that critical just looking at the condition. Did the condition of the heating plant look just as good? Look at the service tags to see if it was maintained and go from there.


Welcome to our forum Stephen!..where there are no stupid questions…Enjoy! :smile:

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Ok, thanks guys. Appreciate the effort.

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Send me the property address.
I may be able to find out. :cowboy_hat_face:

As courtesy to the client I have been informing them of the age of equipment/appliances and the average service life of the item. Do you see any liability issues with doing that for them?

If you’re only giving the age of the equipment, and the average lifespan, there’s no liability. A lot of clients will ask how old the water heater, boiler, furnace, etc is.