Brand of condensing unit?

I came across a condensing unit that did not have a brand.

The model number was AA1BJ060-A
The serial number was 1994E04424
There was a product number of AA1BJX060000AAAA
It was roundish and looked to be less than 10 years old i.e. no rust or really faded paint but not shiny like a one new either.
There was “High Efficiency” in green in the middle of the fan area.

The air handler/furnace was a Payne brand so I checked my Preston’s Guide, but the Payne units don’t start with Alpha characters.

I also looked under Goodman, Bryant, Ruud, Rheem, Am. Standard, Trane, Tempstar, and Lennox. No luck with any of those.

I know this isn’t much to go on but I was hoping that someone may know who the made this unit.

Does it look llike this?,CLI1_DIV43_ETI10715,00.html

BDP/Carrier seemed to be associated with the product number on google

As indicated, Payne is manufactured by Carrier

Not since 1996/1997 as indicated via your link
Before that Carrier owned Payne but that does not mean they built their units… : )

Here is a site that may help. I have a Payne system dated 1998 and it states on the data sheet it is made in the US (something actually made here!). According to the above website Carrier still owns Payne but the company is run separately from Carrier. Not that any of this matters…That website is an excellent one for getting information for all the makers and their phone numbers, contact info.

Simply report it as a **5 **ton unit that was manufactured in 1994.

Manufacturer unknown…

Thanks for the help. I checked the listings for Carrier and don’t see that serial number format for any of them. But like I said not much information to go on. I just told my client to have their HVAC pro figure it out. Well not in those exact words.

Of what importance is this information that you are spending all this research on?

Does it run?
Your not trying to determine the adequacy of the system?
Your not trying to predict the future life expectancy?

Just report what you have and move on.

Hi to all,

this unit was distributed by one of several “no name brands” in the early to mid 90’s, it could be any of:

  • Cobra
  • Eventemp
  • Newhome
  • Orion
    They all used the same model number, Cobra also references to Carrier so it may actually have been manufactured by them.



David A.,
Not spending any time at all. It took all of 5 minutes to thumb through my Prestons. I was looking for the brand so I could do a recall search.

That was very helpful. Found the exact serial number under both Eventemp and Newhome. If I get some time I will look both of these up and see if there is a recall.

Thanks again for the help.

So why did you waste my damn time looking this **** up for you?
Sorry, but this **** stinks!
If you can figure it out, do it!

Yes, I’ve had a few brown bottles. But, I’m here checking that you got the information. If you already had it, CALL WENDY, she likes to talk about stuff that does not apply.

I have no regret to tell my NACHI members that they are lazy and need to do for yourself. I’ll help when I can. If you know the answer, go to work and make some damn money!

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No picture, lack of information, just wants someone to pull something out of the air?

And as I asked in the first place, what relevance does any of this have? To predict the future? Recalls? Call Russel Ray, you know he has that info.

I guess it’s that TX HI law and it’s ties with the Real Estate folks that want you to spend all your time on irrelevant information so you miss the important stuff!



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David A.,
Now that the liquid in the brown bottles has worn off… In my first post I said I looked in Prestons to begin with but couldn’t find anything. I wasn’t going to look through the whole damn book, so I posted a message. I figured you, Charley B. or someone else with an HVAC background could provide the information quickly. Gerry came through with his information.

Not sure why you feel I spent/wasted a lot of time on this, in my second post I stated that I told my client to have their HVAC pro figure it out.

Did you have a good vacation David?

Thanks as always for your ranting and ravings. It’s always nice to read your pleasant, helpful posts.

And yes, I will indeed give you a red box.:wink: