can you tell what brand ac unit this is ??

hey guys,

can anyone figure out what brand ac unit this is ?

I am guessing a payne by the looks of it.


I’m going with a Heil.

i tried looking up the manufacturer’s number online…, but no luck yet.


It’s a heil or variant, manufactured in 1989 by the tag and the serial. It is using the Heil serial code.

thanks guys !!


Hi Kevin,
it appears to be leaking in the front, unless it had just rained.


I went over a few dozen reports to compare serial/model #s and it appears to match up with HEIL numbers and letters.

I would not “give it a name”.
Report what you see “no mfg identification available”.

There are a lot of equipment mfg distributing under other names.
Aside from the Bryant/Carrier, Rheem/Ruud, Trane/AmStan, Goodman/Janatrol. Do you want the client asking you where his Trane is when it’s just a lowly American Standard?

Do you want to pay for the upgrade from Chevy to GMC?

I usually identify the brand as noted by the stickers.

When I can’t or oops didn’t get that picutre or just forgot, I simply note is as “brand name not noted”.

It may be an older (92 or 94) Bryant 5ton. Check with your favorite HVAC Contr. locally.

I think its a Tempstar as it is the only one I found that is a CA3060 made in 89 The Heil CA30 is a 91 model. If Tempstar then its a 9.2 SEER.

Good luck

Isn’t Chevy GMC?

The pictures look like units that I have seen from Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, and Goodman. So if the manufacturer’s name is not there, simply note that the name is not known but that the serial number (and other numbers) indicates that it was manufactured in October 1989. In five years, I’ve only had one Client ask what brand the air conditioner was, but 95.99% of my Clients ask how old it is. Cooling condenser manufacturer branding is not like car manufacturer branding, so no one really knows the difference between any of the cooling condenser manufacturers. However, age means a lot to them.

Good searching. I agree with Tempstar.