Brand of service panel

I inspected the service panel of a 30 year old home. The identification plate had been removed, so was unable to determine the brand of the service panel. No manufacturer name was found on the circuit breakers either. An idea on the manufacturer of this panel? Thanks.

First picture: Type QFL is a Sylvania Zinsco breaker.

Second picture: These don’t look like Zinsco breakers to me. Any chance of a close up picture of the type code on these? Or remove a breaker and a close up of the power bus?

Looks like a Zinsco breaker

Those breaker appear to be Challenger or Connecticut Electric of some other variant.

Definitely not a Zinsco. I agree with Robert - it looks to me like a Challenger panel.

It is not a Zinsco. I agree with Robert as well.

Yep, looks like a Challenger.

What he said