Breaker installed below meter

Did an inspection today and noted a 100Amp breaker installed below the meter on the outside of the home. I’ve never run across this before, and as it was not labeled there’s no indication of what it is for. Anyone seen this before? Also there was two meters, a main 200 Amp panel and 2 125 Amp subs.

So, how were the panels wired?

Why are there two meters? Sublet apartment? A disconnect at meter is very common. @rkenney is right, more information is needed.

Yep, breakers below the meters are a pretty common setup in my area as well. As for the two meters you might just advise the buyer to check with the power company to see if there are multiple accounts. It’s always possible there used to be and one of meters is just leftover. In my area when services are moved it seems pretty common for the old meters to be left stuck to the side of the house.


Disconnect often seen at metering enclosures in condominiums. Move on.

Here’s the main panel and the sub panel next to it.

But why would it be a 100Amp breaker?

Do you know the brand or age of the manufacturer of this box? does it say zinsco anywhere? where are you located?

Nova panels, house was built in 85

I’m on Vancouver Island

okay nevermind

Was this a condo or multi unit home? Possible “house” panel for outdoor lighting, irrigation etc. that the owner of the building would be responsible for?

single family home

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That was the capacity rating when installed. Older homes may have 150-amp, 100-amp or lower service capacity.

Yes. Updated electrical service enclosures.
Electrical service still rated at 100 amps.

I’m not familiar with anything Canadian but I am curious about the wire indicated in this picture

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Panel looks to be 240 volts only.

I agree no neutral needed for those loads, not sure why you would just cut it off. :astonished:

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Panel looks to new to be zinsco

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