Brick Veneer in contact with soil

I need to confirm my understanding of Brick Veneer. The way I understand it s that brick veneer is a single course or brick against sheathing (assuming proper ventilation). If it were a ‘brick exterior’ it would two courses with rotated bricks every 6 or so rows.

Also, shouldn’t brick veneer also terminate 6 to 8 inches above the soil? The last two houses I looked at had Brick and eifs all the way down in contact with the soil,

That is not good especially with no working weep slots.


That depends on the architect that designed the brick ledge, the local Plans Dept. that approved the Plans, the local AHJ, and the Landscaper that came along after all the above had their say!!

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There is a special brick veneer detail that can be followed to go below grade with brick. It’s done all the time, especially on commercial builds. Otherwise it need to terminate above grade.

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EIFS. Not to be in contact with soil. Should have proper drip screed with clearance.

Brick can be. Watch for the lowest course of brick drainage (weep holes, wicks etc) should not be below grade. Still plate should be 6-8 inches above grade.

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Some details of below-grade brick shown here;


@mcyr really good info and graphics. Helpful for me too, Thanks!

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I agree, Brian…good stuff!

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When you observe brick to grade, what do you say??? Just that, brick to grade??? All brick and concrete is porous, we call all this out.

Did you read the thread?

Those really are some great graphics.

To answer your question. Yes it should terminate above grade, and as others have pointed out there options for it to terminate at grade.

In Minnesota the available options for doing so in residential construction are rarely done. I think I’ve seen it done properly on 1 home so far? Commercial seems to follow these practices a bit more often.


You are right about that Brandon, I’ve been most of my life in commercial and Industrial construction and basically, the only place where I have seen brick below grade and done right or at least presumed right by design.

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