Brick veneer mortar cracks

There were approximately 6 areas on the exterior brick veneer siding on a 1958 single family build, approximately 1200 sq ft that had indications of stair step cracking through the mortar joists. The 3rd picture is a transition from the original home to the addition on the right exterior side of the home. This is where the most cracking with repairs/installation was observed. The 4th picture is the rear addition (a couple of cracks were going through the bricks). The poured concrete foundation walls in both crawlspaces had no indication of shifting or cracking.

Would you recommend a structural engineer or recommend sealing the cracks and monitor?

i recommend understanding cause and never prescribe remedy
once your remedy is performed, possibly & probably by the incompetent lowest bidder, if it doesn’t satisfy client expectations you’ll get the call

Looks like prior repairs have also shown more movement After the repair. What is going on with all that tar ? At the bottom of the wall. Is or was water getting under the bottom row and getting into the basement / crawlspace. Didnt notice any weep holes , not that its a surprise. If the foundation shows no cracking then I would say from looking at the photos that the veneer may not have been installed or attached properly to the sheathing wall underneath. Especially since prior repair still opening up. I wouldnt call for engineer but rather a good mason

Yep, Tin Man, I agree with you…:slight_smile: