Crack through exterior brick veneer by door threshold

Unfortunately these were the only pictures of the crack given to me by friends buying a house.

The door leads to a laundry room where no cracks were present around the interior door. There are no other cracks on the doors exterior.

The right side of the picture leads to a garage.

At the end of the wall there was a downspout terminating on the foundation wall about 10 feet from the crack.

Any thoughts ?

Again, apologies for the lack of pictures.

Yea… hire a qualified inspector/contractor.
Photo’s on the internet only tell us one thing… there are visible cracks!!


Based on the picture alone, it appears to be settlement from the lack of support under the base bricks to the right. But one can only guess from the pictures.


I would not get all excited based on the photo’s. Hire a mason to come out to evaluate and repair as needed. Be prepared, the slab may be settling which will add cost, but is still not dramatic.

See that old step grout line?



Based on the info that you provided, I would recommend hiring a geo-technical (soils) engineer to evaluate the foundation and make recommendations for repairs.

The “V” shape of the crack, wider at the top than the bottom, is telling you that it is foundation movement. Because you (they) did not see cracks on the inside of the house is probably because the brick is a veneer (non-structural). The true question IMO is this an old crack due to a one-time settlement after construction or a new crack indicating an on-going problem that could get worse? Look for clues. For instance, is the door threshold and step to the left flat and level? Old step versus new step (what Brian was pointing out)? Any telltale cracks in the sidewalk? And, so forth.

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Are you trying to kill the deal!?! :confused: Like Oh Mah Gawd!


Serpentine crack.
Masonry, Ground Clearance.
serpintine crack

Thanks for all the info guys, the ideas bounced around are invaluable to me.

They will be getting a qualified professional in to make necessary repairs.

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From my point of view that door is missing a threshold. Every home must have one egress door, and it must be a specific size, with a specifically dimensioned landing on both the interior and exterior side of the threshold.

Nope…all good.


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Thanks, Brian. Storm door was hiding the threshold.

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