Brick veneer pics

Wrote eariler about 1970s house with brick veneer columns, siding with numerous cracks. Question was are they normal deterioration or now a structural issue? Could they repaired w/ sealent maybe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The simple fact that it’s a “veneer” eliminates the possibility that it’s a “structural issue.” Veneer siding is not a structural component.

I would love to see photos Mr.Young.
It might help.

Wow! I should have had a V8. Or maybe it was a senior moment. Anyway thanks Jeff.

Dale you said on the other thread that the pillars were structural.?

Never seen brick columns" structural " unless the home is pre 1930’s.
Still rare and on expensive homes.
Dale you have to know what to look for.
Inside the brick is a 4/4 or 6/6 or boxed 1inch board for structural, then the veneer.
Takes a while dale. You are ding fine mate.