Brick Veneer

Has anyone seen this before on the corners of brick veneer?

I have seen similar openings used as weel holes. They are typically spaced evenly across the brick veneer, not just in the corners.

Those are not weep holes.(wrong location)
I see cable in the background off the first picture however so did you see those holes or look for them on the other side.

Perhaps downspout bracket holes and missing downspouts?

Recommend tuck pointing and be done with it. Doesn’t appear to be structural in nature.

Yes, I have seen them before…

They are there to let water into the wall system… :wink:

Yes the downspouts should be aimed into them as a internal scupper.:slight_smile:


to back flush the weep holes.


Yeash keep up with new fads you old timer.:slight_smile:

Technically, they are to flush, not back flush the weep holes. Back flushing would be when you shoot water from a hose into the weep hole itself (water going backwards) to unclog it.

Would be like backflushing the toilet, huh Nick, you would get all kinds of crap under the shingles. :):wink:

You guys are really BAD!

Where is your sense of humor? Can’t take a joke? :):wink: